Relaxing Bath // Pink Detox

8:06 PM

Hello babes!
We all love our baths, whether you're male or female. I LOVE baths, especially during the Fall/Winter time. It is so relaxing, you get to have you-time, and just soak up the bubbles or in this case the bath salts from Pink Detox! And with all honesty this made the bathroom smell of lovely flowers for DAYS! It is a detox bath salt, mainly for weight loss. In my situation I don't need to lose weight, but it did help me feel clean and just a whole lot better about myself; as if I did lose weight haha. It also of course allowed me to relax after a long day at College/University. What is also amazing about this product is that it is a stress-reliever and also helps improve your skins over-all appearance.
The detox I received is the Single Pack Detox (1 week detox).

So soak up!


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