About Me

Hello loves and thank you for coming to my blog. I want to start off my introducing myself; I am Cierra Mais. I am currently living in sunny Los Angeles, California. But before all of that I was born in Texas, and raised on St.Croix in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

I am definitely a beach baby at heart. I am someone who loves to relax and lay out in the sunshine whilst getting a nice glowy tan and brightening my hair haha.

I also love adventuring and traveling which would include trying new things out...maybe not the food as I am a picky eater ha.

I have always wanted to become a blogger, and here I am today fulfilling that part of my life. It brings me across so many amazing opportunities; trying new products out, collaborating with amazing brands/people, and even one other part of me...modeling which is something I have been doing for a few years now off and on.

I'm hoping that this blog will lead to even more successful opportunities in my life and my future. Possibly my career as I do love social media as to fashion, beauty and traveling!