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9:14 AM

Hello babes!
Been super busy and hectic and still am with school and work but I have spared some time right before heading into work this moring to do a blog post for you all! I've definetly been having "blog posting withdrawls" for sure.
I have this company that reached out to me due to my Pinterest account: Pinterest-CierraMais
MadamGlam: Website & Pinterest
They are a company whom is cruelty free. They offer "VIP" boxes which can be mailed every month for the price of $29 USD. You also have the option to cancel at any time. They have a variety of many products and colors. All the way from makeup; Lipsticks, eyeshadows, blush, foundation, creams/lotions, lip gloss, and mascara. Then they also offer nail products, there are starter/beginner kits and the individual nail polishes; ranging from normal nail polish, gel polish, and chameleon gels which are all also still cruelty free.

The polishes I received are under the normal polishes in the shades; Pastel Sky & Snow White. And the blush is Au Naturale, and as to the lippy is Love Affair; which is limited edition. With all honesty, I haven't had enough time to try out the nail polishes but the colors are stunning so I'm excited to get away with painting my nails away. But as for the blush and lipgloss; they are P-I-G-M-E-N-T-E-D! I'm in absolute love. The blush is perfect for those fair/medium skin tones and if you don't want an "out-there" blush color. The lipgloss is an amazing shade for the fall/autumn time and for the holiday season if you don't want the original red lippy. 

Hope you all enjoy, and let me know your thoughts!

Promo Codes to use for the Holidays coming up: cierramais30 for 30% off, or through November 27th, for the first 10 buyers, 40% off w/ BFcierramais Click through this link then enter

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