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Hello babes!
I'm back with some more products from Timless Organics Skincare!
This time I asked for anti-aging and glowing products. So they we're kind of enough to send me over a Glow Face Serum and a Wrinkle Serum.
One is used for the morningday time and the other is to apply in the evening before bed.
So, let's take a look!

First off we have the Glow Serum.
This serum helps bring out your skins natural glow and is enhanced with Vitamin C! As well as to Sea Buckthorn Oil which helps out with keeping the skin hydrated and moisturized. Also that oil helps out with skin elasticity, the regeneration of the skin and helps prevent and treat ace. The other oil in this product is Sweet Almond Oil; which has tons of vitamins, such as Vitamin A, B1, B2, B6 and E! This is all great for preventing any dry or itchiness to the skin.
Honestly this has really brought out the brightness in my skin; regardless if I'm wearing makeup or not. It's getting into the colder months, even though I live in LA. So this serum really keeps my skin vibrant, fresh and youthful even during these gloomy months.
You can find this product to purchase and find more info on here

Next we have the Wrinke Serum. 
I obviously do not have any wrinkles yet, but I would indeed like to help prevent from getting them. Especially with living out here in LA, so under the sun all year long pretty much. But also being someone who enjoys wearing makeup and with that there can be rubbing and tugging at times. I can't say if it will help me or not, but these products are literally amazing and so I have high hopes for this one and I can say that if you are in your older years or want to prevent wrinkles to give this serum a try. This serum has many different natural ingredients; oils, vitamins, peptides and butters! The list goes on, but no worries everything in this product contains certified organic ingredients and is 100% natural. You can find this product for purchase and more info here

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