Some shots from photo shoot at Venice beach... VOGUE

9:18 AM

Hello lovlies! 

Sorry I haven't posted in a while, been extremely hectic with moving from Texas to Cali! Before moving here a photographer and I set up a photo shoot for this campaign that was going on for vogue Italia! It was called "drive for desire". So we went to Venice beach in Cali and took some shots that we interpreted was our desire. And luckily and thankfully they accepted the photo!!!! I was estatic about this and I still am! It was posted online, such a fantastic feeling! The photographer was also one of the best! His name is Jon Lorentz ( (
He was comfortable to shoot with and adventurous. I had an amazing time doing this, even with it being at 6 in the morning! 
The shot for vogue will be down below and so will a few shots that were unedited but still wanted to share them!

I thank Jon & Vogue IT so much!

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