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1:15 PM

Long time no see! I have been on vacation in the Dominican Republic for a couple of weeks with Oliver; so keep an eye out for some vacay posts and video(s)! But before I left, I was sent a coffee detox from Skinny Coffee Club. I tested out the 28 Day Weight Loss Program. I have tried detox teas before which have worked, but with all honesty I am more of a coffee person than tea. I need that extra caffeine to get me going and productive throughout my day. Skinny Coffee Club is a company that allows us to lose weight fast and see results practically in one week of using the product. I for myself do not need to lose any weight, but it helps me get my "caffeine" intake in a more healthy way, but also gives me natural energy to keep me awake and moving/being productive. I did see physical results with my body, in the sense of not being as bloated looking, nor feeling. As for ingredients, they are all natural. To name a few; Organic Green coffee beans, Siberian Ginseng, 100% pure Matcha powder, Wheat grass, and there are more that you can find on their website. Hands down, if anyone is looking for any sort of detox coffee, I would 100% recommend this product and brand to everyone and anyone. Regardless if it's for weight loss, gaining more natural energy that lasts all day long, or trying to get rid of their bloated look or feeling!
You can also use the code "CIERRA20" for an added discount at checkout!

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