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Hello babes!
Today I have a little review on a brand called Haconut. I was lucky enough to receive a few products from them to try out. And just to start this review off, I absolutely LOVED each and every one of these products! It's such an amazing feeling knowing that I am using all natural products and ingredients on my skin and body. This one happens to include coconut, so it deffo smells delish and is beneficial! I would passionately recommend this brand to everyone and anyone no matter what. They are so lovely and the products are just divine!

To start this off, I have the Original Body Scrub. This leaves my skin baby smooth! It literally smells delish, and leaves my skin refreshed and feeling new. This has a blend of coconut shells powder, yes I said coconut shells! Also includes coconut sugar, and sea salt from the Pacific!

Secondly, I have the Refreshing Coconut + Peppermint Body Wash. This wash is bubbly, foamy and even slightly creamy! It leaves the body feeling tingly and fresh. This would definitely be perfect after a hot summer day at the beach but also during the winter time with the tough of peppermint oil in the wash

Here we have is the USDA Certified Organic Coconut Lip Balm. Honestly I am all about keeping my lips moisturized and this is definitely one of the best balms in my books! This lip balm is a combination of organic oils + beeswax which = happy, refreshed, moisturized lippies! 

Lastly, this is the Hydrating Hair Mask. This hair mask is life. At first I used too much product and it left my hair greasy at the roots, but that was totally my bad. It leaves the hair feeling nice, and rejuvenated. Honestly this is one of the best hair masks out there! It's so nice because it can be cooling to the scalp as you're supposed to refrigerate it for 15 minutes prior to using it, then after leave it in the hair for 30 + minutes. This hair mask is full of tropical oils which also gives a natural, lovely fragrance!

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  1. thanks for this review...need to try it too


    1. You deffo do! The products are amazing,


  2. So pretty! :) x
    Helena - Swedish girl in Tokyo

  3. Hi this is Santu Steyn from the USA. The review you written is very good and i really like the points you mentioned. If you don't mind i would like to suggest you Gurin's Hair Starihgtener

  4. Great product review girlie! So glad you shared.

    XO, Jessi

  5. Coconut oil has been my lifesaver in the cold, dry winter months, and I love the Palmer's Coconut lotion. I'm hoping these products suit me too and I can't wait to get my hands on them! Thanks for such a great, detailed review. I'm a new reader and absolutely love your blog!