SKINDINAVIA- primer/setting spray review

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Hello fabulous people!
I have a review to tell you guys about and it's AMAZING.
I received two bottles of sprays from SKINDINAVIA- the primer spray and the finishing makeup setting spray.

First let me explain my skin type:
It's a combo of oily and dry- winter wise buy summer time and the warmer seasons it's on the oily side. I get super oily on my forehead, and my chin (my t-zone). I am a person who can go from wearing minimal makeup to a whole face of makeup. - has all the links of their blog, rave reviews, how it works & to shop.

"Your makeup will last twice as long"~

How it works: all from the website~
1.) normal skin temp=90° which causes moisture to evaporate quickly and drying skin/makeup.
2.) the skins natural heat/moisture loss=
Makeuo color loss, excessive oil production, dry/cracked makeup, and oily/shiny skin.
3.) science:
Forms a lightweight, breathable web that works w/ your makeup and slowly releases over 16 hours. Retains the moisture, drawing heat away from the skin throughout the day. Results: fresh, cool Makeup for up to 16 hours.
4.) benefits:
Keeps makeup fresh, preserves full coverage, prevents color loss, controls excess oil production, diminishes shine, retains moisture longer.
5.) won't clog your pores or cause breakouts~ 
Breathable, lightweight, hypoallergenic, oil-free, paraben-free, non comedogenic.

The 2 primer/finishing sprays I received go with my skin type (combo/oily).
I do have sensitive skin and these didn't cause any redness, stinging, irritation. It was perfect.
My makeup did last all day- 9AM- 10-11PM and I didn't have to touch up at all. I do go outside, and inside of different places, all the running around and it was still fesh and cool makeup. In my opinion this is a go to primer/setting spray combo!
You can purchase them in a package or individual:
Individual: $29 -setting/finishing spray.
Individual: $35- primer spray.
Package: both - $50!
I have the oil control sprays in both primer & setting spray.

You apply the primer by having a clean, fresh face and shake the bottle well.
Hold the bottle about 8 inches from your fave and spray in an "X" formation and then in a "T" formation: t-zone. Then simply apply your makeup.

To apply the setting/finishing spray- have your makeup all finished, shake the bottle well, and hold the bottle 8 inches from your face.
Spray in the same form as above^ X and T formation 2-4 times.

Here's after applying both sprays:
Primer spray

After spraying finalizing spray.

Throughout the day:




I hope you all enjoyed, I really truly enjoy these products and they're the best I've used so far!

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  1. Nice blog, great post! You're doing great!
    Keep working, you are on the right path.
    Lots of love,

  2. OMG your skin looks absolutely flawless and you have beautiful eyes! Love your makeup Cierra!