Freeman-feeling beautiful facial clay mask mint & lemon

5:17 PM

While I was at ulta, I also picked up this facial mask! It's the Freeman mint & lemon clay facial mask! My skin is pretty oily that most, but also gets dried out times. I rarley get acne so I just mainly get those hormonal pop ups. I've heard this is great for clearing the skin & cleaning deep into your pores! It smells nice and feels so fresh on the skin. It dries pretty quickly, so I left it on for about 4 minutes then washed it off with warm water like it said to do. My face felt so fresh and clean haha! I love this so far! It's drying but also hydrating at the same time if that makes sense!

You can buy it at Walmart and even ulta:

Thanks again! Have a great day girlies!
Take a day to pamper yourselves! Xoxo

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