Comfy Friday //

11:11 AM

Long time no blog! Hope you all are well and having a fab Fri-yay!
Today I am just relaxing and chilling and might go down to the beach as the weather here in LA is FINALLY full of sunshine rather than the awful rain and flooding we've been having lately. In the mean time I am lounging in my Lounge Underwear set. Its the most cutest and comfiest set EVER, honestly take my word on it! If you want to be twinning with me, you can find this set here.


Photo Credit: Jon Lorentz

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  1. Great set dear! <3

  2. You look absolutely stunning in that set!
    Aleeha xXx

  3. Hi Cierra!

    Love you posts! Hope we can be blogger friends! <3

    x Pinka Haprani