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Hello loves!
Today I have a hair tool to show you all and what my thoughts are on it. This is a hair tool by Irresistible Me. The hair straightener online is called the Diamond Hair Styler. The packaging that the straightener came in is so sleek and black which is my fav; as I am a sucker for packaging. The box also seems as if it's like a box you could keep for the straightener for how good of quality it is and the open and close is magnetic! For the straightener itself, it is GORGEOUS! It is sleek and red and just amazing! There's so many unique things about this straightener and what it has to offer such as the ceramic plates actually contain crushed diamond particles with a mixture of Tourmaline. With this combo, it will help keep your hairs natural oils, color and moisture held in. All the buttons such as off/on and the heat settings are on the inside which helps with you not accidentally hitting any of the buttons whilst straightening your hair which is something I always do with my other hair tools. Another awesome benefit is that it heats up literally in just a few seconds, no matter how hot you set it to. Also if you're a travel bug like me, the straightener will automatically change from Fahrenheit to Celsius; or vise versa depending on the voltage! There is honestly nothing bad that I can say about this hair straightener, it's everything that I could ever ask for and more! I definitely recommend this hair tool to those out there on the search for a new brand and a new straightener/hair tool!

This is my hair BEFORE using the Diamond Hair Styler.

This is my hair AFTER using the Diamond Hair Styler. So I obviously have pretty straight hair to begin with, but this straightener helped smooth out the frizz and made my hair shiny and feel healthy and strong!

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  1. I absolutely need a new hair styler! Mine is sooo old and destroys my hair! Great post! :)

    1. You should deffo try this one out!