New Arrivals at Timless Organics Skincare!

4:38 PM

Hello babes! I was lucky enough to receive a few more items from Timless Organics Skincare! The items this time around were amazing! I can't wait to show you all the photos I took and for you all to hop on their website and give them a try! I will link each product below with the photos so you can have a direct link to the items. 

So first I tried out the Timeless Acne Gel Cleanser which was actually a great face wash. I used my normal face wash to remove my makeup first then rinsed by face with this. I may not have awful acne, other than a few spots here and there but this will help prevent any future acne or spots!

Before getting into bed, I used the Lavender & Vanilla "Bed Time" Scrub which was a nice exfoliater and left my skin feeling baby smooth! Plus the scent is to die for.

Us ladies need to keep your eyes from sagging and drooping so there's the Timeless Eye Serum which helps out with all the elements of puffiness, dark circles, bags, crow's feet and wrinkles. I know I may be almost 20 years old but we all should start young to prevent it as early as we can!

Lips... I cringe when I have chapped, dry lips. I'm constantly applying chapsticks, balms, etc. So with this handy Timeless Lip Saver that I can just throw in my purse and easily apply when out, or even before bed is perfect. It's a nice size but best of all it's so smooth on the lips and smells delish! 

The next two things go hand-in-hand with one another. Timeless's masks come in a powder form so you can make as much as you want at a time (plus I think you get more out of it this way). So typically it would be a 1:1 ratio of mask and water but this mask is a 1:2 ratio as it is 1 tbsp of mask to 2 tbsp of the Mask Amplifying Solution (instead of water), which is beneficial because it pumps up the levels of the ingredients in the mask as to the ingredients in the solution. The mask that I got is the Timeless Acne & Blemish Healing Mask which is what I need to prevent any spots or if I have one then to get rid of it ASAP!

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  1. that lavender scrub sounds divine!


    1. It is amazing! It felt so nice and smelled so good!


  2. The products sound amazing and the packaging is so cute!