Watermelons and Bikinis

7:33 PM

Today has consisted of a lazy morning of eating scrammbled eggs & coffee, then getting ready for the beach with my roommie Ally!
We ran over to the grocery store to pick up a baby watermelon to have as a mid-day snack/lunch, and it was delish.
It was a nice sunny day here in Santa Monica, California and what's a better way to spend it eating watermelon in our bikinis on the beach?! Am I right ladies?

It was extremely busy on the beach today, but sitting close to the water kept us cool & relaxed!

As we both need a tan right before the school year starts up we're trying to get out here as much as possible to get that nice golden glow before Fall!

We snapped some photos, then we ran into the ocean that was pretty chilly at first but we eventually got used to it. As well as to feeding Ally's watermelon to seagulls who kept swarming in & yelping haha.

Hope you all enjoyed this post, as well to the spam of photos! Too many to choose from (Guilty of taking too many photos haha).

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