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9:20 AM

Hello babes!
Getting a tan in the winter isn't the easiest especially if you don't live by the beach but even if you do it can be quite nippy or not the best weather out. Self/Fake tanner is a go-to for this problem of mine and I am sure of many of you all out there. I have this amazing   self tanner I received from This Is Feel. It is the GLOWING- Self tanning mousse + applicator. This is a 100% cruelty free & vegan product which is always a plus in my book. One other interesting fact about this product is that it naturally increases your skin's ability to create and generate Melanin (which is what's in your skins pigment to give off color). Also with it being winter I always have to moisturize my body but after applying this mousse it does that for me + you can apply it and be off to go in minutes without having to shower right after nor worry about it getting on your clothes. And one of the biggest pluses is that it doesn't have an odor to it like most self-tanners have + it is streak-free, non-blotchy or orange! You can take a look at the link for more info + ingredients! 

I would 1000000% recommend this product to those people out there who love their self-tanners, looking for a self-tanner or even just a beauty lover who is looking to test a new product out!


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