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6:50 PM

Happy Fri-Yay babes!
As for me it was pretty much a lounging day in my new apartment... so why not have cute lounge wear, am I right ladies? I think that pj's, undergarments, lingerie, bras/panties are an important essential in our girly lives. I say this because we are wearing them all the time, so why not have cute ones, right? I hope we're on the same page here haha!
I received this adorable, but sexy bralette & thong set from Lounge Underwear. Honestly one of the softest, and comfiest set ever! Plus its cute, so that's always a plus! The set I have is the Black Bra & Thong. I think this look is so trendy right now with the bold band and the text on it as well! Plus in the summer time, bralettes are a must! They also have many other options on the website that will fit your preference in coverage and colors!
If you're a girl who loves her lingerie or is looking for a new and unique set, definitely head over to Lounge Underwear!

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