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4:53 PM

Hi babes!
Yes, I do have another bikini post and I cannot say it will be the last one.. This bikini is an interesting one as it was designed by me personally! So on Kini Swimwear online, you can customize a bikini of your own or purchase a pre-designed bikini. I went down the creative path to risk it and design my own. I chose a high neck bikini top and skinny bottoms. Once you get to their website, you go to Start Designing. After that you choose what bikini style you'd like for your top and your bottoms then the colors, prints, etc. that you would like to have on your bikini! I am honestly so in love with this swimsuit but also the company itself! They were fast and efficient but also so sweet. I would definitely shop here again and again and again! The bikini is made with such great quality as well.

The top that I like I said earlier is the Racer top, as to the bottoms the Skinny. The print I chose was Picaso. Which is such a lovely cool-toned but still vibrant print with colors of blue, green, white, purple, yellow.

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  1. This is such a pretty bikini! Definitely making me crave a beach holiday!

    Katya | The Beauty Harbour