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Hello babes!
Today I have an exciting post that includes vegan, biodegradable, and non-animal testing skin care products! This company is based in Malibu, CA called OSEA .
They offer a wide range of skin and body care that is literally perfection to the skin. Everything left my skin feeling so soft, baby smooth and also a refreshing sensation all day long. I received three products in which I will mention each. Their story and the company's upbringing is incredible, you can read more here. Let's get on with this post because I know you'll want to try these products out ASAP! I definitely recommend everything I received.

First off is the Ocean Cleanser. This was such a lightweight, refreshing, clean face wash/cleanser. My face felt as if all the pollutants were dragged out of my pores and face to a rejuvenated face.

Secondly, is the Essential Hydrating Oil. This is so simple; all you do is roll about 5-7 strokes on your face (in which I blended in, but my skin absorbed it immediately). It is perfect for aging, dry or even sun-damaged skin. So definitely perfect for the Summer time but also those who are wanting to eliminate the fine lines/wrinkles.

Last, we have the Atmosphere Protection Cream. This cream/moisturizer is a feather-weight day or night moisturizer. In which it hydrates the skin, but also protects the skin from environmental damages. An amazing thing about this product is that it leaves a matte, silky-finish to the skin and that you can also use it as a base for your foundation/makeup.

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  1. I've never heard of this brand before! I love the sound of the protection cream, as someone with oily skin I'm always on the look out for mattifying products!

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog

    1. You should definitley try them out! I have oily skin as well and it's amazing!


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