SkinnyMint Teatox

3:59 PM

Hello babes! I have been testing out a new teatox which is by SkinnyMint. It honestly worked wonders. I may not be the person who needs to lose weight but I definitely saw a difference when drinking this month long tea, even when it came to working out but also having more energy. One other thing is I didn't rely on coffee or soda to get my caffeine intake. Even halfway through I saw physical results with my body which means this teatox helped out whilst working out and toned my body even more. It also decreased the feeling and look of being bloated. It all around made me look and feel way better than I did to start with! You can find the teatox package I used here. 
I would definitely recommend this teatox to everyone and anyone. It's one of the best out there!

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  1. Great post! You look amazing!!

  2. Wow, I loved reading this. I've always wanted to try detox teas, I think I mint just opt for this one ♥

    1. You should deffo give this one a try!