Real-U Australian Skincare!

6:15 PM

Hello babes!
I'm so excited for today's post due to it being skincare related but also Austrlian which I seem to obsess over Aussie fashion, so let's see about their skincare rituals(;

First we have here is the step 1: Cleanse (Gentle foaming wash).
This honestly truly is gentle to the skin. I in fact have sensitive skin and this didn't irritate my skin at all nor make it red or "rosey" to the cheeks. It removed my makeup completely, even my loads of mascara that I chuck on. This is also pH balanced so it won't off-set or unbalance your skins natural pH. Also to help with the soothing of the cleanse, it is nourished with Aloe Vera which is natural and helps with the gentleness.
You can find this product here

Next we have here is step 2, Control+ Face Gel. This is specially formulated for more problematic skin conditions. I personally don't have major acne but I do indeed get a few spots here and there, especially hormonal spots. But I don't mind using this if it's going to keep me from having problematic skin! This product doesn't contain any harmful chemicals and it is gentle on the skin. There's also no Benzoyl Peroxide which irritates my skin terribly or any Salicylic Acid which is what is in most spot treatments. This you can put all over the face which is what I did in a thin layer or you can put it directly onto the problematic spots you are having.
You can find this product here

Finally we have the last step. This is the Hydrate Lite Moisturiser.
This is perfect to hyrdrate your skin without clogging up your pores and then causing breakouts. I do actually have oily skin, more of a combo of normal to oily skin I'd say and this doesn't make me anymore oily than I would be. If anything I'm probably less oily using this moisturizer than other's I've used prior. It contains anti-oxidants for the problem skin with non-greasy lotion that's still absorbed into the skin. It helps to rebalance the skin and replenish essential skin nutrients in the natural way obviously.
You can find this product here

I really hoped you all enjoyed this post as much as I did writing it! I enjoy trying out new things, and especially when they work and don't mess up my skin!

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  1. Lovee your post :)

  2. These look so nice! Great review and you are so pretty :D xx

    elizabeth | ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara | bloglovin follow for follow

  3. At the moment, I am addicted to all the things that come from Australia. Especially their clothes ! They're so beautiful & I bet that their products are also good ! ^^ Thanks for sharing sweetie :)

    Follow me now on GFC, I always follow back.


    1. I'm OBSESED with their style of clothing too!
      And yes, so nice to the skin!


  4. I've never heard of this brand before, but it looks and sounds great!

    Emma at