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Good afternoon babes (here in England), so good morning to those in the US! And Good morning, afternoon, evening to anyone else out there in the world!
I have a review/impression for the first teatox I've ever tried. This is a brand new company that just started, they're called "Beau-Tea", the one I tried is a 14 day detox and you have 2 cups a day (once in the morning and then one in the early evening).

Their website:
~Disclosure: Wesbite hasn't launched yet, but they're accepting PayPal payments at the moment. Their Instagram: @Beau_Tea_UK 
And they have free shipping for anyone in the UK! ~

With my honest opinion and lack of knowledge on teatox's this one was actually good! I wish I had some to compare to but it did give me a lot of energy and boosted my metabolism. I'm already in shape and pretty small as it is so I don't really notice any weightloss if there is any. But I'm sure if you tried this tea and you also workout and eat healthy you'd see weightloss progress.

The directions are to drink twice daily, like I said above- once in the morning and once in the early evening. It should be at least 30 minutes before eating for best results. Also boiling water isn't good for you, so let the tea steep and sit for a few minutes before consuming.

The tea packing says as well that it will boost your metabolism, which it did for me. And nourish your digestive system which will clean out all the of the toxins and unwanted junk in you. The cleansing is helped and triggered by the Sencha Green Tea, Rhubarb, Garcinia Cambogia, Celery Leaf, Raspberry Ketone and Lemon Grass.
The unwanted toxins will be washed out by the Dandelion Leaf, Goji Berries, Rose and Camomile.

Honestly when I first tried the tea I was shocked because I do like green tea but it was a bit of a strange taste- it wasn't awful but it wasn't delicious. But after the first couple sips I actually started to like it and even the cup later on that day didn't have that bitter taste like it did when I first tried it.

I would definetly recommend this tea to anyone who's looking to try a teatox or try out a different brand of teatox. It retails for a special introductory price of £19.99, so that's about $30 US dollars.

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