Sunday morning festivities!

3:13 PM

Good afternoon (by now) babes!

This morning I woke up and ate my breaky, showered, put a little bb creme and mascara on and then me and my roommies took our frenchie pup for a walk across the street for a walk and juice!
We have a keratin juicery across from us (it was my first time going), and we went in and got some juices for the go and to take home as well. I got two juices; one being the green #1 which has Apple, cucumber, romaine, kale & pear! It's actually really good for being a true green juice (take this as a hit because I'm a baby when it comes to things tasting awful). Then the second one I got which I haven't tried yet but it supposedly popular is Bliss, which has coconut, cinnamon, and apple!
The green juice is good for your cholesterol, brain, bladder, muscles, metabolism, heart and detoxifying!
Then the bliss one is good for stress-reduction, anti-microbial, anti-oxidant, great for skin & nails, rich in iron & calcium! I'm sure if the green juice I got is tasty the bliss one will be delish! 

Yay for being healthy haha!

We also got little Duke a puppuccino from Starbucks! He enjoyed it very much and got very hyper when we got back! 

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