My trip to the UK!

2:25 PM

Hello loves!

So for my spring break I decided to go see my boyfriend Oliver! He's from England but he's over there for business and I just missed him so much. So I hopped on a plane by myself & got to England! Honestly 11 days is not long enough to see everything (I've established this when I went to Estonia in the summer and that's an even smaller country). I had such a fantastic time there with him, being a little tourist but also meeting all of his family and friends.
By now you're like just get into the photos! So here we go!

On my flight.. Still at LAX but about to take off!

This was my Friday night there! My first night out in the UK with Oliver and his lovely friends- Harrogate, UK @ The Pit

The next day I went to my first football (soccer) Leeds game! Had such an amazing time & it was an experience!

My first English feast (roast) that Oliver's grandma made and it was absolutely divine! 

Little Sophia (Olivers cousin) asked me to do her makeup and I couldn't help but say yes to her cute self. She was the cutest ever! 

English crumpets are SO good.. If you're a bread lover and love your carbs haha... Try these! You can find them at trader joes here in LA!

We went to Bath, UK for his work so we stopped at a little cafe for coffee/tea. It was called: Blue Quails Deli

While in Bath, UK! Such a beautiful city.

Some delish ciders! One is Spanish & French!

Stopped in Oxford, UK (where the famous Oxford Uni is) and got breaky & coffee!

Finally London time!  With Big Ben, the London Eye & the Buckingham Palace!

Finally I tried proper English tea & paired it with sandwiches & scones.. I'm craving it right now...! (Nottingham, UK)

Last dinner in the UK- Reds BBQ in Nottingham.. Delish. Pulled pork, fried pickles, Mac n cheese, mashed potatoes, coleslaw, & onion rings!

Saying goodbye to this face was so hard... See you in a month babe.

Hope you enjoyed this LONG post!
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  1. Aww. So sweet! Wish I could just hop in a plane and see my boyfriend, too. He's so far from me. He's in LA and I'm in the Philippines :( Anyway, you two look so good together ♥

    Please check out my latest post, too. And if you want, let's follow each other's blog and IG? Would love to have a new friend here ♥

    1. Hello love!
      Awe, so far away from eachother): Oliver is from the UK but is over there for business for another month then back here in LA with me!
      Thank you so much, I appreciate it, Xx

      Yes, I will definetly follow you on both !