Detox/Fruit Infused Water

10:54 AM

Good morning ladies & gents!

Hope you all are having a fabulous weekend! I have no clue why with this cold weather my mind has been 100% summer! So here's a detox/fruit infused water that's delish! We need to drink lots and lots of water to stay hydrated and keeps your skin clear and soft. But some of us don't like plain water so this will spice it up and still be delish and healthy!
You can get a pitcher of water or even bottles of water- anything will do.
In my bottle of water I havr fresh cut lemons and strawberries! It has the sweetness from the berry and the tangy sourness from the lemons! 

Leave me some comments on other healthy drinks/smoothie recepies! Xx

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  1. I like lime and mint in my water :)

    1. I've never used lime! I've had lemon, mint and cucumber which is alright!