Traveling from North to South Estonia

7:20 AM

07.03.14 - 07.04.14

Hello ladies & gents! While we were in Estonia we took a little trip to southern Estonia. We stopped at a couple cute places and also saw some relatives & places such as where my grandpa was born & raised.

This was a cute little cafe we stopped at that I ate a delicious breakfast. Fresh oatmeal with red currants & a cappuccino! This was at Rohelise maja pood ja kohvik 

Then we went to this park thing, let me tell you it was GORGEOUS! This was at at a park I think in the same town as the cafe but I'm not too sure, I'm sorry!

Then we visited this "castle" that's at Sangaste Rukki Maja!

Then we stopped by this gorgeous lake! At Pühajärve Spa &Holiday Resort. 

We stopped by and did a little tour of this schoolhouse where my grandfather was born and raised before he fled.

A storks nest!

Yummy crêpes we had for breakfast one morning at a little country house!

The "mother" statue/monument that represents all the mothers/motherhood! This was in Rõuge-Võru County.

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