Maybelline Baby Skin- Instant Pore Eraser

8:42 AM

I got this product about two days ago. And I have pretty noticeable pores; and for you all that don't know... You can't get rid if your pores. You can try to disguise them though! This profuct says it "blurrs" the pores to be less noticeable. I have this & the Benefits pore professional & that's more of a colored/tinted cream & the maybelline one is more of a clear gel substance; it gives off that silky feeling. Both products are good working; more of the high end is the Benefit one & drugstore would be the maybelline one, so it all depends on what your price point is. My pores are still somewhat noticeable but they are a lot more hidden than what they were before! 

Here's a link to purchase the Baby skin Pore Eraser:

You can find this product at pretty much any drugstore, I found mine at target for roughly $5.99!

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